Test Solutions

KUASOFT aims to provide a complete package of solutions for its customers' testing needs under a single roof. It produces solutions by integrating multidisciplinary engineering processes to meet this objective.

Automated Test Equipment-ATE

ATEs are the main solutions for reducing test effort, test cost and localizing errors. Automatic Test Equipments designed and manufactured by our company are used in many companies today. ATEs are designed, manufactured and delivered according to customer requirements. Some of ATEs developed in recent years;

  • 19”/12” Mission Computer ATE
  • RC Stabilized Gun Systems Computer ATE
  • Servo Control Unit ATE
  • Flight Control Computer ATE
  • Laser Warning Systems Electronic Cards ATE

Test Program Sets-TPS

A TPS is a set of solutions with electronic circuit cards and units verification and reporting capabilities. Each TPS includes electronic test hardware, test wiring, test software and test documentation. Processes are automated, test duration are minimized and the accuracy of the test is ensured by means of TPS specially designed for the customer needs. KUASOFT offers solutions to many companies in the defense industry with more than 20 years of experience.

Mechanical Test Solutions

KUASOFT has the ability to design, produce and electromechanical assembly capabilities for the mechanical structures in-house in order to produce complete solutions.

Regarding test mechanics, our company offers solutions for many different needs.

Our Mechanical Works:

ATE: Cabin interior and exterior design-productions, size and weight analysis. Material conformity check.

TPS: Mechanical solutions of different types and sizes. Opportunity to run automatic or manual tests for the user.

Environmental Test Jigs: Calculations of unit size and weight to be tested. Design-analysis and production of test jigs after selection of suitable materials.

Design Validation Services

KUASOFT offers our customers a complete testing solution,

Our Design Validation Works;

  • Test Planning
  • Test Case Design/Documentation
  • Test Infrastructure Design
  • Test Mechanic Jig Design&Production
  • Test Electronics Design&Production including Test Cable Harness
  • Test Software Development
  • Functional Tests
  • Performance Tests
  • Environmental Tests.(MIL-STD-810)
  • EMI/EMC Tests. (MIL-STD-461)
  • Test Reporting
  • Design Validation of new products are made by the experienced engineers from our company. All activities are carried out according to product requirements
  • What we do?
  • Creation of test scenarios
  • Product specific test software and test hardware design and manufacturing
  • Test cable harness supporting Environmental & Electromagnetic Tests
  • Performance Tests
  • Environmental Tests (MIL-STD-810)
  • EMI/EMC Tests (MIL-STD-461)
  • Test Reporting
  • Test Documentation

Custom Electronic Test Solutions

Some interfaces on unit under test need specific hardware design to provide most accurate test solution. KUASOFT designs special equipment for testing requirements, according to account customer needs and requirements.

Our Custom Electronical Works:

  • 3U and 6U VPX Backplane Boards
  • High speed serial communication interface cards
  • Solutions for board-to-board connectors
  • Video splitter and conversion cards
  • Relay cards

Cable Harness

Test cables designed by our engineer team in accordance with the product to be tested are produced by our production team and used in test systems.

Our Wiring Production Works

  • Cabling design and documentation in accordance with military standards
  • Test Jig Cabling Design
  • Test Sets Cabling Design
  • Cabling production conforming to MIL-STD-461
  • Cabling production conforming to MIL-STD-810